English yoga class

If you don't speak Dutch and would like to join our classes, then all classes can be giving in English. The yoga teacher is perfectly fluently at teaching a class in English and we regularly have English speaking students in our yoga classes.


Below is a short summary of the website in English.

Hatha yoga studio

Hatha Yoga Studio Leeuwarden is not led by commercial interest or popular hypes. It stays true to what yoga is trying to teach us. Yoga is not meant for impressive poses and photo's, but for the development of our mind and body.


Thee classes are very down to earth and informal. We work physically to improve our fitness, strength and flexibility while calming the mind at the same time. You don't need to be strong or flexible to join, you don't need to be 'good' at yoga. Everyone can join our yoga class. In fact, not being strong or flexible is a good reason to start working on that.


Only teachers who have had multiple years of study teach here, so no sports instructors who only practice (fitness) poses or teachers who have done quick teacher courses.


The studio is not driven by commercial interest and never will be.

Try a yoga lesson for free

If you want to try a yoga class then feel welcome to join us. 

Just can send an email to info@yogastudioleeuwarden.nl


Class Day Time
Hatha yoga Thursday 20:45 - 21:45
Hatha yoga Friday 16:45 - 17:45
Various workshops * see under the Dutch page Workshops  
Private lesson on appointment  


You can find the studio in this location.

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There are yoga mats you can use if you don't have a mat yourself. You only need flexible clothes.

It has a dressing room, bicycles can park in front and cars at parking garage Oldehove just 2 minutes walking distance.


I try to keep the prices low so the classes are accessible for everyone.

The most efficient subscription card is only 8,- Euro per class. When you want to join us, just send an email to info@yogastudioleeuwarden.nl. Also you can use the form under the page "Leskaart kopen".


The total fee can be paid cash during class or transferred to NL50 INGB 0008 1915 46 under name of WMP Groenhof.

Try for free Free (one time only)
Single lesson 10,-
12 lessons 96,- (8 Euro per lesson)
Private lesson 50,-

Once you have a lesson card, please sign up per date for each you class you'll be coming using this link. This form is still only in Dutch, but just select the date you are coming to the yoga class.


There are just a few corona measures. Of course always follow the government measures, like staying at home when you are feeling sick and keep some distance from others.

  • Please already wear your exercise clothes when you arrive, because the dressing room is too small for everyone to change at the same time.
  • If you are able, bring your own yoga mat.
  • Sign up for each class, using this link.
  • That is all :)

Want to try a lesson or other questions?

Please feel free to send a message using this form or by phone or email.

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Hatha Yogastudio Leeuwarden




KvK nummer 67603963

BTW nummer NL001394471B82

Bankrekening NL50 INGB 0008 1915 46